The best hair products for mixed kids hair

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Does anyone have any suggestions on good hair products at a reasonable price?  I have tried many different products on my daughters hair and while I have found a few I  like I have yet to find an all in one product.  Right now I have to use about 2-3 different products to get her hair how I want it, not frizzy, not greasy but moist.



Is Mixed Chick's for boys

Is Mixed Chick's for boys too??  I really don't have much a problem with my son because his hair is short but just wondering if they have a Mixed Guys line?

Mixed Chicks for Boys

Yes--they have a line called His Mix of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner. It smells less girly, more manly.  

Mixed Chick's truly is good!

Okay, so I have used the Mixed Chick's kids hair line on my daughter for about 4 days now and I have to say I really like it.  The shampoo & conditioner work really well.  I love the way they feel even when I poor them into my hand.  The conditioner isn't like a thick lotion feel like most is actually feels like a mix between gel & conditioner.  The leave-in conditioner works very well.  It doesn't leave her hair greasy or a white film (like another member asked).  When she get up in the morning her hair isn't dried out and frizzy it actually still has moisture in it.  The only thing I am not crazy about is the detangler spray.  I do like how it sprays almost a mist versus a more direct spray and I do like that it doesn't leave her hair greasy however it doesn't work as well as other detanglers I have used.  While it does detangle I have to use a lot more than other products but the pro to it is it doesn't leave her hair greasy.  So there you have it I finally broke down and bought the Mixed Chick product and while it is kind of pricey I do like it and will continue to use it because overall it is the best product I have found for my daughters curly hair.

Perfect! Mixed Chicks is

Perfect! Mixed Chicks is amazing. I'm glad it worked on your daughters hair.

Just Received Mixed Chicks!

I just received the Mixed Chicks kids kit in the mail today!  I am so excited to try it on my daughters hair.  I will start tonight and let you all know what I think.  It took me long enough to order it but everyone swears by it so I finally did it, LOL

Love it!

I love Mixed Chicks products!  They have given me the best results.

Let me know how it works I

Let me know how it works I really don't like ordering stuff from the internet so I haven't tried it yet but I might have to.

I have to agree with the two

I have to agree with the two posts about Mixed Chicks, I have been using it for months and it is perfect. I have that crazy thick curly hair, that has a mind of its own and Mixed Chicks, deep conditioner & leave in conditioner, tames the wildness. It's great.

Does the leave in conditioner

Does the leave in conditioner leave like a white film on your hair?  I have used a couple of leave in conditioner's for my girl and it always seems to leave this white film....dunno why???

Not at all. No white streak.

Not at all. No white streak. Use a small amount and the curls stay curly.. I hope you become a fan of it too. I love the product.